Get Wire­less!

We can install and con­fig­ure wire­less net­works of all shapes and sizes, includ­ing Home and Office. This of course includes secur­ing your network.

We don’t just do new wire­less instal­la­tions — we can con­fig­ure, upgrade and secure exist­ing wire­less net­works in your Home or Office.

We can pro­vide and install routers, switches, wire­less hotspots, wire­less exten­ders, wire­less adapters and other wire­less goodies.

Sounds expen­sive?
How much to go wireless?

Don’t be fooled by other IT firms’ high quotes.

Our wire­less equip­ment starts nice and low:

  • Wire­less adapters start from £14. PCI or USB.
  • Wire­less routers start from £34.
  • Instal­la­tion of wire­less good­ies starts at £35 and cov­ers router setup with mul­ti­ple com­put­ers, even if they need wire­less adapters installing too.

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